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Kombaipatti II Watershed Project Farmers Training Camp  
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Bio Gas Training Program on UPNRM PROJECT  

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The Training conducted on organic farming to the farming community in the kombaipatti II watershed at Sitharevu village Athur Taluk. Download Here...
KODAIKANAL RURAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION is a committed voluntary organization. Over a period of decades it has rendered Yeomen service to the downtrodden community in the remote rural areas and city slums in Theni & DindigulDistricts.  read more...

Annual Report For the Year of -2017-2018 -

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Kodaikannal Rural Development Association conducted Water Conservation program through NABARD Bank at Thandikudi village in Dindigul District, Kodaikannal Taluk on 07.06.2017. In this program, Mr.I.Sanjeevi - District Development Manager, NABARD, Mr.Ravichandran - Field Manager - Kodaikannal Taluk, & Mr.Ramdoss - TRISUDE NGO Secretary were participated and explained about the various type of water saving methods for water conservation. For Kodaikannal Rural Development Association Mr.S.TheepakMugesh, Mr.S.Thirugnanam & Mr.M.JayaMohan were organized this program and they explained the importance and necessity of water and its uses.
Nearly about 70 farmers attended the training at Thandikudi village.
Chief Guest speech:
Mr.I.Sanjeevi - District Development Manager, NABARD:
In present situation water saving is more necessary. We have a chant like, "Today's Water saving is, Tomorrow for our child". At world level Indian share is 16%. But water resource is only 4%. Above 90% of water were observed by ground. So, we have to use limited level of water for all purpose and save ground water through deep well, ponds, rain water saving trenches, check weir and check dams.

Mr.Ravichandran - Field Manager - Kodaikannal Taluk:
In present situation water saving is an important one. At previous year our ancestors followed water saving method properly. So, our country grown naturally and got all natural resources. But, today we didn't follow the water saving method properly. So, our country faces drought and scarcity. Incase, the same situation continues agriculture will fail and poverty will raise highly. So, we have to use the water at sufficient level for agriculture and save ground water through Ponds, rain water saving trenches, check weir and check dams.
Mr.Ramdoss - TRISUDE Secretary::
IIn our country we reduce water scarcity through proper water saving method. Our country got monsoon in different seasons. So, we have to save the rain water properly through ponds, rain water saving trenches, deep well etc. We develop water conservation method and all farmers and people should learn about various water saving methods. Use water through irrigation and develop agriculture.